Retraites Ocean Therapy

  Ocean therapy retreat in english The Ocean Therapy retreat concept is simple, reaching people on how to take better care of themself through the power of nature, and what can more powerful than the Ocean? This salty giant who’s bringing all the health benefits you need to feel good, really good. During this retreat, you will learn some of those incredible benefits and how to enjoy each single one of them during your stay near the Ocean. Firstly, the salty air. It’s richer in oxygen and enables you to breathe better. It cleans your lungs and prevent it from getting any virus or bacteria. The salty water. As we originally come from the ocean, both its water and our body cells are built from the same components; salt minerals and oligoelements. That’s the reason why we benefit from it so much, especially when we spend most of our life in cities. The salt water allows us to take a break whilst renewing our body energies. And it’s as easy as that…Just immersed yourself for 10-15 minutes in water and your body will fuel itself with all the good minerals, and that’s no matter the season. More importantly, the Ocean is known to calm your stress and anxiety levels down. We know too well how stress can be damaging to our mental health. Being near the ocean, swimming, surfing, playing, awaken your spirit whilst stimulating all your senses. You don’t think about work, you abandon your phone for a while, you forget about screens, and you lose track of time. You just reconnect with nature, and with yourself. You are finally enjoying the present moment. It’s what we call samadhi in yoga.  It’s what we called Bliss. An intense feeling of happiness & peace. It’s all we need to live longer & happier 🙂